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Caring Conversation | How Not To Tear Family Apart ( Family Edition )

Caring Conversation

Figuring out how to plan for healthcare costs, especially unpredictable extended care costs in retirement, is scarier than a Spooky Halloween Haunted House!  

Can we get it right? 

Are we depending on an imprecise target? 

Well, sure we are! 

What we do know is that healthcare costs are going up and variable healthcare expenses generally increase with age. We know that people with chronic conditions can require treatments and management programs that can add significantly to expenses. But consider the healthier person. 

They don’t need to worry about offsetting some of the healthcare risk. Right? 


A healthier person may not pay more on an annual basis but the total costs spread over the course of their lifetime can be higher due to longevity and the additional years of paying increasing costs. And there are planning projections which are just as scary. 

Even without figuring in extended care costs, according to a HealthView Services’2021 Retirement Costs Data Report, “While most 65-year-old couples retiring in 2021 can expect their retirement healthcare costs to fall between $156,208 and $1,022,997, factors such as the state in which they retire, coverage choices and chronic health conditions can have a significant impact on where within that range they may fall, highlighting the importance of personalized healthcare cost planning.” 

Yup! Scary!!!

Therefore to help you learn more...

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Caring Conversation | How Not To Tear Family Apart ( Family Edition )
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