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Caring Conversation | Workplace & Boomer Generation

Caring Conversation

The Engagement of Boomer Retirees and near Retirees at the Workplace May Surprise You! According to a July 25, 2023, article by Ryan Pendell, A Snapshot of Older Generation Engagement Trends, "as of the end of 2022, 35% of employees in the baby boomer generation are engaged at work. That means boomers are slightly more engaged than older millennials (33%) and Gen Xers (31%) but have the same level of engagement as Gen Zers and younger millennials."

Supplemental income is an acute need for many nearing retirement today. According to Gallup’s latest survey, "only 39% of nonretired Americans aged 50 to 64 think they have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. In general, nonretirees expect to rely on income sources other than Social Security, including part-time work, in retirement.” 

For those who deal with workplace benefits, that translates into providing benefits, including supplemental benefits that respond to today’s workplace population comprised of of older millennials (33%) and Gen Xers (31%) Gen Zers and younger millennials (33%).

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Caring Conversation | Workplace & Boomer Generation
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