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Caring Conversation | Great Wealth Transfer

Caring Conversation

The Great Wealth Transfer is coming and will provide the next generation with resources for insurances and investments -that is, if it isn’t consumed by extended or long-term care costs. 

According to Arizent's latest research report, “Capturing the Next Wave of Clients," the next generation will expect digital tools, education and ongoing communications; a presence and ingoing activity on social media channels; availability of younger advisors or team members; and the hosting of “entire family” events.

One of those “entire family” events should be an extended care planning session involving the entire family (no matter how your client defines family).  A succinct, inclusive way to start the planning and to interact with other family members who will inherit the family business or wealth is to use a format with several options to start and continue the conversation.

Therefore to help you learn more...

I'm gifting, to you, a copy this Amazon Best Seller Book.

To get your copy of "How Not To Pull Your Family Apart", as my gift to you, simply drop me a note below with your name and information.

Or, if you prefer to contact me directly, either send me by email, text or call me. My contact information is located in the footer of this page. I'll respond within 24 hours, it not sooner.


Caring Conversation | Great Wealth Transfer
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