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Caring Conversation | Longevity vs. retirement plans….who wins?

Caring Conversation

Longevity coupled with demographics translates into a new kind of discussion with clients. 

Consider a client who starts working in their 20’s, works for 40 years, and in their 60’s plans to retire. That equates to needing to generate income for at least some 80 or more years. Oh wait, he/she wants to retire in their 60’s. So are you, as the agent/advisor/ investment specialist feeling comfortable generating income for that additional 20 or 30 plus years? 

It’s not a simple task. And what about the impact of extended care? Is funding for extended care part of the plan? What about caregiving? Will that impact earnings/savings during working years, creating an even bigger hole in the plan. 

Did you discuss how extended care and caregiving can implode even a well-thought out retirement plan? You should!

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Caring Conversation | Longevity vs. retirement plans….who wins?
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