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Caring Conversation | So Much of Me

Caring Conversation

I spent a couple of days with my good friends Pete and Sharon. I noticed a plaque on the wall in their kitchen. Pete mentioned to me that they received it from one of their granddaughters. 

It read, “So Much of Me is From What I Learned From You. You’ll Always Be with Me Like a Handprint on My Heart.” Sharon is the keeper of the family history. With great accuracy, she offers dates, places, family and friend participants for past events and gatherings. 

Sharon has had a complex health history for many years. Sharon explained that while she and Pete are careful not to overshare, they benefit from having established that personal care challenges and the cost of care increase as we grow older. 

They have opened lines of communication that help family generations grow from both present and past experiences. They established that truthful, shared dialogue about the cost of care, family support, and future planning is basic to leaving the legacy they want to create for generations to come.

It suspect you know individuals like Pete and Sharon.

Therefore to help you learn more...

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Caring Conversation | So Much of Me
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