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Arnetta Rogers is a beauty industry pioneer, cosmetologist, author, and lifestyle strategist for beauty entrepreneurs and service professionals. As the first cosmetologist to partner with a major software company to create an all-inclusive management system for beauty professionals integrated with health and wealth solutions, she provides beauty entrepreneurs and service professionals with the tools to confidently achieve successful businesses and healthy lifestyles. Driven by a deep passion for beauty professionals her motto became “Beauty Entrepreneurs, We Care!” Her mission – to teach beauty professionals how to become financially secure for a lifetime by leveraging health & wealth strategies rather than focus only on how much money they can make on a day-to-day basis.

Experiencing many losses; the death of her mom, one of her favorite aunts at the Pentagon on 9/11, divorce, a $64,000 investment, and her home; Arnetta felt ashamed and completely defeated. Losing everything was the turning point which made her decide to relocate to another state to rebuild and restructure her life. Focused on building her brand beyond the chair, she decided to retire as a cosmetologist to teach other beauty professionals how to build a successful life and business.

​Arnetta has an innate ability to educate, motivate, and guide beauty industry entrepreneurs to achieve, grow, and build both professionally and personally.

To every beauty professional and small business owner seeking an easy to navigate management system, My BMF Solutions was designed with you in mind. My BMF Solutions powered by InVibe Software is not your typical business software. My goal is to to teach beauty professionals to become financially secure for a lifetime and beyond by leveraging health and wealth strategies rather than operating in a scarcity mindset.

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